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Integrated Governance and Compliance

WislPort Compliance are at the forefront of best practice in Integrated Governance and Compliance (IGC). IGC allows organisations to simply and reduce the cost of compliance by simplifying and strengthening policies and controls. This allows organisations to focus more time and effort on their core activities gaining competitive advantage whilst building trust with customers and regulators.

Our many years of leading and supporting the development of ISO standards in IGC combined with extensive industry experience, ensures our products and services are aligned to organisations purpose and align with ESG requirements.

“WislPort are recognised globally as experts in Governance, Compliance, and Whistleblowing best practices that deliver financial and reputational benefits to organisations across regions and industries.”

WislPort Compliance have combined our extensive expertise with leading edge open-source intelligence and AI technology. This Simple approach reduces the overhead and complexity of an organization’s compliance landscape which is Effective at reducing the number of requirements and risk of control breaches, while allowing additional focus on the controls that demonstrates Compliance.

Our solutions help to build trust in your organization and strengthens its ability to defend against reputational and financial damage. This allows you to focus more energy and resources on your core activities.